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It’s Funny, ‘Cause It’s True

6 May

Words I’ve heard lately…

Little boy selling lemonade to raise money for his school:
“Help inspire me to be a good person!”

Electrician on the phone, trying to get a new part for our stove:
“I need a plug. Plug. Plug! P-l-a-g! Plug!”

X-ray technician at the doctor’s office:
“Your grandmother will need to remove all clothing from the waist up. Is she wearing…is she, uh…is she strapped…um….bra?”

Starbucks customer:
“I’d like something that will get me through ’til the end of the day….grande…and non fat milk.”

 Neighbor children playing in their yard:
“Boom! Boom! You’re dead!”
“Mom said we couldn’t kill each other! I’m not dead!”
“Boom! Boom! You’re fired!”

Man in the grocery store, talking on his cell phone:
“Can’t you pick him up? I’m at the grocery store right now. Yes, shopping! What do you mean? Well, so far–beer. What? We were out of beer!”

Cheerful mailwoman:
“Congratulations, you’ve got mail!”