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A Quick Word on Sweet Talkin’ Men

18 Mar

I’ll admit it–I’ve fallen behind on the latest news of Barbie and Ken. Despite my college education and interest in the world around me, I didn’t know that America’s original “it” couple had broken up (in 2004, after 43 years of…marriage? were they married?) and I didn’t know that they’d gotten back together (just recently, on Valentine’s Day, no less). However, more interesting than the plastic power couple’s on-again-off-again relationship status–the new Sweet Talkin’ Ken.

Sweet Talkin’ Ken is touted as “the ultimate boyfriend.” You can record compliments, thoughtful messages, and other sweet nothings, and Ken will repeat them back to you like a good little parrot. The microphone is located in his heart region (where else?) and the play buttons on his lower back allow for regular, low, or high voice responses. (The high voice option makes Ken sound like he’s been sucking helium, and the low voice option sounds like what the news uses to disguise witnesses’ voices.) 

It seems to me that this is a toy that big girls (or boys) would appreciate more than little ones. The concept is intriguing and, let’s face it, funny as hell. The folks at Children’s Technology Review made a short video of Sweet Talkin’ Ken in action, and you can tell they got a kick out of it–I was amused by their amusement.  

So? What would your Sweet Talkin’ Ken say?