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If My Dogs Wrote Haikus

13 Apr

I’ve tried to train you
but still, you sit on my couch
No! Bad human! bad!


You smell like a dog.
You smell like another dog.
Scoundrel! Traitor! Slut!


I dream of running
of chasing squirrels and such
Wake me if you dare.


We’re out for a walk
Look! Here comes another dog.
My sidewalk! All mine!


You’ve been gone so long!
It’s been years and years and years.
Now, the world is right.

Noise! I hear a noise!

Do you hear it? Do you? Huh?
Why do you shush me? 


Don’t insult me, please.
That dog is just on t.v
I know that, you fool.


My bowl is empty.
Your plate is full of good food.
The universe sucks.


I have a big day.
Nap, bark, eat, play, nap, nap, nap
Whew! Workaholic!