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“I Have Just Met You and I Love You”

10 Mar

"As soon as that shutter clicks, I'm attacking."

Short post today, but I hope you’ll agree that in this case, a collection of cute puppy pictures is worth a thousand words (or at least a couple hundred). When I read that the floating house from Pixar’s Up had been recreated by National Geographic and flown across California’s High Desert, I was tickled pink. Up is one of my favorite Pixar movies, so I love the idea that its iconic, fantastic flying house could become a reality. (As a person with a severe math phobia, I’m also really impressed that these people were able to do the calculations required to pull this off.) Apparently, to stick to the movie’s premise, the recreated house even contained two human riders and a dog! (No word on whether the dog was asked if he wanted to float 10,000 feet in the air.)

Part of the reason that movie is so much fun is its talking dog Dug. I can watch that scene where he first appears over and over because the actor who voices Dug and the writers who created him got a dog’s personality so spot-on. “My name is Dug and I have just met you and I love you!”

So, in honor of this imagination-come-to-life moment, I decided to recreate Up in a different way.  I give you: talking dogs. 

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