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And I’m Not Even a Cat Person…

12 Aug

On Sunday, a cat was rescued from the trunk of a car in Buffalo, New York where it had been “marinating” in oil and peppers. The owner of the kitty, Gary Korkuc, was stopped by police officers for running a stop sign but soon found himself in deeper (and much deserved) trouble when the officers heard mewing coming from the trunk. Korkuc claims his cat Navarro was on the menu because he was ill-tempered.

There was a happy ending to this story, because Navarro has now been adopted by a woman who read about his ordeal in the paper and immediately wanted to make him a part of her family. He now has a new home, a new name (nothing like a makeover to change your life), and a new sibling–the woman’s first cat.

Korkuc was charged with animal cruelty and released but here’s hoping that someone keeps an eye on him–because that type of cruelty should not be ignored.