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A Quick Word on the Importance of Spell-check…

16 Aug

Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Someone was snoozing over at CNN today and as a result a snicker-worthy typo was seen during a live broadcast of this afternoon’s CNN Newsroom. Where’s an English Major when you need one, huh? Of course, wasn’t it Freud who said there are no accidents? Maybe CNN’s “oops” was really more appropriate than the alternative…

And I’m Not Even a Cat Person…

12 Aug

On Sunday, a cat was rescued from the trunk of a car in Buffalo, New York where it had been “marinating” in oil and peppers. The owner of the kitty, Gary Korkuc, was stopped by police officers for running a stop sign but soon found himself in deeper (and much deserved) trouble when the officers heard mewing coming from the trunk. Korkuc claims his cat Navarro was on the menu because he was ill-tempered.

There was a happy ending to this story, because Navarro has now been adopted by a woman who read about his ordeal in the paper and immediately wanted to make him a part of her family. He now has a new home, a new name (nothing like a makeover to change your life), and a new sibling–the woman’s first cat.

Korkuc was charged with animal cruelty and released but here’s hoping that someone keeps an eye on him–because that type of cruelty should not be ignored.

Prop 8 Overturned

5 Aug

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around

Well today was one for the history books kiddos. Proposition 8 (that’s the one against gay marriage for those rock-dwelling, internet users out there) was struck down today by U.S District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker. Deemed illogical (Spock could have told you that) and discriminatory (Sulu could have told you that), the proposition was ultimately judged to be unconstitutional.

Hallelujah. As a friend of mine said: “That’s one small step for mankind, one giant leap for man-on-mankind.” (Okay, the political correctness of that is debatable….and okay I think Jack said it on Will and Grace first. Whatever.)

It’s not a smooth path that lies ahead. I’m sure we can expect a lot of political temper tantrums and tangles. But in the meantime, let’s celebrate with some photos and videos that demonstrate the love, pride, and humor of this moment. Cheers!

Here Goes Something

1 Aug

No more excuses. I’ve been talking about starting a blog for months now but was comfortable citing various major life events and everyday happenings to justify the gigantic delay. Going all the way back to the spring, I was working on Comps, my college’s senior thesis requirements, and told myself  that I couldn’t possibly write a blog when I was busy communing with Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. When that was done, I of course deserved a break. Write a blog? When I just finished writing that big paper? Hmmmm. So tempting.

Later, there was G-day: Graduation. Blogging brought up the rear on my list of priorities. After, The NYU Summer Publishing Institute came and went–along with an arguably perfect opportunity to blog about a great experience. Throw in a family crisis and a dentist appointment, and you should have the gist of what I’ve come to think of as the Blog Evasion Evolution. Along the way, I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. (And it’s true that everyone has a blog. They’re not just for humans anymore, either.) The unfortunate result was that instead of being inspired, I was intimdated. Oh, not by the too-much-information blogs, or pitiful celebrity blogs, or dog blogs. It was the blogs by people like me–recent grads, aspiring writers, unimpressively unemployed–that did it.

But tonight I was talking to my friend Ali (who has heard the “I’m gonna start a blog” speech several times and thus deserves, at the very least, a shout-out) and for the first time there were no more cop-outs. Which is not to say that my life, at this moment, is stress-free and swimming with free time. But I can’t keep waiting for blog time. Normally, I religiously follow the wise words of Ellen Degeneres: “Procrastination is not the problem. It is the solution.” Amen, Ellen. But I’ve decided that it’s time to take the plunge, rip the bandaid off. A little cliche, yes, but metaphors that express pain and discomfort seem oddly appropriate.

So here I am, giving the damn blinking cursor the finger and trying not to automatically go to the backspace button after finishing a sentence. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing or where this is headed but aren’t those the best statements to make right before an adventure?